I just got out of the hospital. Had the flu. And the food there sucked immensely. However I managed to be creatively productive: I jotted down topics that I can’t wait to discuss on here, I gathered some great ideas together, and I wrote a very violent song that I love. This song is dedicated to any and all white bitches (females) that just rub me the WRONG way. There is nothing more aggravating than a nasty white cracker bitch who has an attitude and bad teeth. Or those stuck up, preppy Abercrombie girls who aren’t even that attractive and should have been thrown in the stockroom where all the dust is instead. Ugh, just want to slap a hoe. Anywho, here is my song:

Got me irate, irate

Bout to throw a dinner plate

Bitch better leave before I set the fucking record straight

I paid for this house hoe

Bitch, you just sleepin’ in it

Pissin’ me off

I’ma have you sleepin’ with the fishes wit it

One femur, two femur

Crackin’ em like lobster tails

Toolbox in the shed

I gotta hammer & I got some nails

About to crucify your ass

Prepare to meet your fuckin’ doom

Tore the Christmas tree down

And hung you in the living room

Anywho, I’m logging off this bia bia because my friend wants to get some bud. It’s been like 6 days now. Eeeek. Blog ya lata.