Let me tell you what happened last night. I am feeling just fine at the moment but last night was something else… My friend and I got drunk off of Four Loko and those little, convenient airplane bottles of Burnett’s Strawberry (tasted good). Then we traveled over to Upstairs Lounge and luckily snuck past the doorman (I’m 21 but my friend is only 20). Anywho, I love Upstairs Lounge. The atmosphere is always full of energy and happy people, people ready to dance and commiserate, no drama, real laid back and gay friendly. It’s a happy place with some great DJs and there’s a back room where you can almost always count on blunts and bowls being torched up and passed around. Devoid of any weed, I headed for the back room first and sure enough scored. My friend and I ended up buying this nice man a PBR in exchange for some hits from his bowl.

And jesus was that some premium fucking weed. I got so damn high and dizzy I didn’t know what to do. It was almost instantly too. I felt all drugged the fuck up and out of it like Natalie Portman in the club scene of “Black Swan”. My friend got anxious about the place because it was new to him and therefore we ended up prematurely leaving. On the car ride back home, the weed and the alcohol and the panicky energy of my friend all combined together and sickened me to the point where I threw up everywhere in his car. It just all hit me in such a nasty, unhealthy way. Geysers of brown, acidic, disgusting smelling Four Loko puke flying at the dashboard and glovebox as my poor friend panics some more, all while trying to hastily get us back to his place.

For the moment I was not a hot ass upchucking mess, I had a decent amount of fun. Meeting new people is something I live for. The battery on this laptop is getting very low and I’m just a little too lazy to get off my fat Victoria Secret wearing ass and charge it. So I will just end this entry by saying that I love everyone that actually takes the time out of their “busy” day to come by this website and read what I have to say. It makes me very happy to know that I have an audience out there, peering into my world in such a voyeuristic way. You are witnessing a sort of trainwreck and you love it. I will surely keep you updated with my fucking breathtaking stories. Have a great day.