I don’t really understand why people keep flocking to this website. I guess you all are bored and/or like to see me posted up in my motherfucking Vickisssssssss. I don’t know if I already shared this with you but I laugh to myself everytime I log into this site. It’s a hot mess… I guess that makes me a big big big one. But you’re tuned in (judging from the stats)… so I’m just going to keep on blabbing. This time it’s some good news: I’m finally embarking on a new chapter in my life. No longer will I get carried away in gay faggot ass politics and drama. I am going to lay low and DO ME. YESSSSSSSSIR. St. Louis is probably the most disgusting, grimy, murky, black-hearted spot on the Earth. Lately I have been ever so immersed in big saggy balls of drama but no more. It’s time to focus on TOP PRIORITIES ONLY. Repeat. Top priorities need apply only. I just realized that I am typing very quickly, and vivid descriptive words just keep pouring out of my little fucked up head by the millisecond. I have a lot to say. I guess that’s why I have my very own website… and you don’t. Expect to hear from me soon. I need a fucking job. Or a sugardaddy. Where the big ballers at? Ughhh… new location too!!! Yes please. Over and out.