Money is all that is on my mind right now.  I really don’t care about anything else.  Not you.  Not your fucking mother.  Does she have money?  Because if she doesn’t then I definitely could care less about her.  I am a money hungry bitch.  Eat it.  

- Stop talking……. why?  Because you’re not talking about MONEY.  No one cares.  You’re not on the money.  You’re on a whole lotta of nothing. 

- Your sister died?  Oh how sad.  Let’s change the subject to something a little greener.  I’m looking to get paid.

- Money has made me delusional.  Everything is green to me.  Just like a motherfucking hundred dollar bill.  Crisp & green.  This computer I’m typing on is green.  I got a brand new fucking green desk with my green pencil and my green mousepad.  That nigga that lives across the street is also green too.

- Fuck 9 to 5.  Fuck minimum wage.  Fuck hard labor.  Fuck retail.  Fuck food.  BITCH I ONLY FUCK WITH CORPORATE.  I am a corporate bitch.  Self-made & self-paid.

- Money.  Nuff said.  This bullet is done.

- Doesn’t money just make you soooooooo happy?  Right… thought so.  Then why are you READING THIS WHEN YOU SHOULD BE MAKING MONEY????  Wtf?  I seriously don’t understand.  I just can’t be your friend.  You’re not about money.

- I go to a restaurant.  I look at the menu.  I see money being spent.  That is a big no no.  MONEY NEEDS TO BE MADE, NOT SPENT.  Rule number 1.

- The best things in life are free… but money trumps everything.  Fuck free… bitch pay me. 


- Still reading?  Bitch didn’t I just tell you that you should be on the grind making money right now?  Stupid. 

- I have a very foul mouth.  Offensive.  Lewd.  Disgusting.  Wait I’m sorry this bullet isn’t about money BUT BITCH WATCH ME MAKE IT INTO MONEY.  All you got to do is sprinkle it with a little bit of these $$$$$$$$ and bam:


- I always know the topic of conversation because it’s always money.

- Whatever you do, do not steal money.  Always earn it.  KARMA will be after you and your paper chase. & you will get chased up.  It is inevitable.  Drop all of those who are useless and worthless to you…. delete them out of your contacts right now… because they mean nothing. They don’t mean money. So they don’t mean squat. Their value is null. Null is NO FUCKING GOOD, BRO. NO FUCKING GOOD.

Basically, I’m about my money. If you aren’t then I don’t know what you’re about. People who aren’t thinking about money are people who aren’t thinking about anything.  I see people like this all day, everyday with their blank ass faces and their empty ass wallets.  I feel sorry for them.  Credit cards are the Devil and if you have one then all that tells me is that you don’t have money. No money. No mucho dinero. No bills. No Benjis. No nothing. And…. I’m spent. Done. Finished with this entry. Today is a new day and there is new money to be made. Wake wake, chop chop. $

*[moneynote]: I’m in love with a bitch named MONEY. She is so goddamn good to me.