If you can’t spell or formulate a simple sentence then you don’t need to be on Myspace. POINT BLANK. You need to be on HOOKEDONPHONICS.COM asap because lately my eyes have been SUFFERING from y’alls complete mutilation of the English language. Stupidity isn’t accepted in this society people…. you will fail. Some of the people that have commented my bulletins and statuses in the past are beyond HOPELESS. If you think that this bulletin pertains to you, THEN IT DOES. Get that fucking grammar, spelling, punctuation UP UP UP AND AWAY. Typing with @ signs and alt key symbols is NOT cute. It’s an EYESORE. YOU LOOK RETARDED. MAYBE YOU ARE RETARDED. MAYBE YOU SHOULD PAY MORE FUCKING ATTENTION TO YOUR TEACHERS AND QUIT TEXTING, WRITING NOTES, SLEEPING DURING CLASS. Do something with your life. Most importantly, FUCK UP OUTTA HERE. Don’t come at me talking shit when you don’t even know the difference between your and you’re, their, they’re, and there. YOU WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO SHIT if you continue to write like “h3y th@nkz 4 th33 @dd”. You might just wanna commit suicide right here and now. GET IT TOGETHER. That is all. Tell your fucking mother I said she needs to raise you better because your parents are doing a piss poor fucking job.