I’m so glad I don’t gain any significant weight when I eat unhealthy or like a cow (which is everyday).  I have some good ass genes. 

You know what else I have?


And right now, out of all those oh so convenient 24-hour resturants… this bitch is thinking Steak N Shake.  They have these amazing $2.89 steakburger Snack Packs and I am seriously hooked. 

Sounds so fucking good doesn’t it?  Yeah… so good that you’re willing to get it when you know damn well your ass is gonna be exploding all over that toilet in the next hour or so.  Actually, I take that back… less than an hour.  I recall this one time I ate Steak N Shake inside the actual resturant and the food was so greasy it just cruised on through my guts like death and I ended up pooin it up in their restroom.  I’m talking liquid shit… spilling out of my butthole like knocked over artist paint.  Blooooooooooooooooooooop.

I don’t know why I expose you people to such filthy shit.  I just like to.  I like to go out to Six Flags and rap Trina lyrics as loud as I can for all the little square ass families, with their uptight morals, and way higher standards.  Puh-lease.  I’ll never be judged.  By who?  By someone who isn’t perfect?  By someone who has… flaws?    DO YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.  DO YOU. 

Speaking of doing you… my man Twista has some new hot shit called “I Do”.  If you have not heard it then you are in for a real treat.  Every line he spits in this song is straight G:

I love how this entry went from Steak N Shake to a completely different topic.  My mind rambles.  Before I go, I have a present for you guys.  A kiss.  A kiss because you are reading these words that are pouring out of my brain and into my hands.  A kiss because you are aware of my existence.  A kiss because you are beautiful.


Have a great fucking day and remember to always think positive. I will be back. I have such an interesting story to tell you when you visit me again.