No, the guy in the pic and the guy in the link aren’t the same person but they’re both typical examples of what a filthy, ugly down low ass nigga looks like.  That motherfucker looks like somebody’s daddy… hell who knows, it may even be YOUR daddy.  Just take a closer look at his swollen up ass dog carcass face and let me know.  This man JUST messaged me for sex as I typed my introductory line up.  Gross.  I absolutely do not like men who aren’t comfortable with themselves, their lifestyles, and their own sexuality.  It’s a sign of cowardice and weakness.  The man in the picture above is almost 40 years old and in the closet… and he’s been living the life of a lie ever since the day he first knew he craved the taste of man pussy.  Ol’ gay ass with them dirty fucking gray pillows in the background.

I swear to God, it seems like the same men that laugh, snicker, and/or jeer at my friends and I when they’re with their little posse out in public are the EXACT same men that hit me (or any guy for that matter) up on gay hookup sites discretely when they’re all alone.  I bet if the man in the photo above was casually asked mid-conversation about his views on homosexuality by someone, he would say he’s against it.  That is the same reason why I don’t sweat these men during times when they do poke fun at me.  As we all SHOULD know by now, people that are 100 percent with themselves don’t attempt to put others down.  I already know the deal.  And this is purely why this blog exists.

I honestly feel sorry for men on the down low.  It’s a cover-up ; it’s a sham.  I know the coming out process can be tough as hell but I’m also for certain that not even 90% of men on the DL will come out of the closet during the span of their existence.  A whole life sentence of creepin’.  Damn shame, although it is a known fact that homosexuality in the African-American community is a huge social stigma.  The only part of this matter that bothers me is how unfairly a majority of these down low men treat openly gay men.

I’ve come across countless ads from DL men that stated things like “not into fems or fags”.  NIGGA ARE YOU SERIOUS? How non-faggy do you honestly think YOU look when your tongue is all up in another man’s sweaty asshole?  Exxxxactly.  You’re a faggot.  All of you.  Stop fucking denying it or confusing the issue here.  It’s not “Hey bro, let’s fuck cuz we bros and we cool and we straight”…. it’s more like “You’re gay, I’m gay, let’s fuck”.  Additionally, what’s worse is that a good fraction of these DL men are in relationships with women who are completely aloof to their bisexuality or homosexuality.  You see, this is a contributing factor as to why African-American women have the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world… a lot of these females have every justification to believe that they’re in a monogamous relationship when really their man is fucking 5 or 6 other men and women without condoms.  You dumbasses.

Here’s another ad:

It almost seems as if this man is proud of his DL status.  I can only imagine how badly that burgeoning homosexuality of his is eating his ass up.  These gay ass DL niggas probably act like it’s a covert James Bond 007 mission when they try to get some ass: all secretive, nervous, apprehensive, and shit.  Pitiful.  Then of course you have cats in the industry like Usher and Ne-Yo who feel as if they NEED to hide their sexuality in order to prolong their fake ass career.  And yes, they’ll go as far as marriage to cover up their lies.  It’s sickening.

At the end of the day, I may take pictures in my tight ass pink underwear and not give a fuck… but at least I’m not on the down low.  In fact I find living out of the closet to be a most liberating experience.  No stress, no worries… everything about me is out in the open, whereas most of these closeted down low brothers harbor so much pent up rage and anger because they can’t keep it real to save their pathetic lives that they put down their own kind.  As I stated earlier, this blog is a reality check to all closeted men that are actively defaming other homosexuals.  It just kills me to see such worthlessness in a man to the point where your whole fucking life is one big contradiction after another.

I’d like to conclude this entry with a little bit of advice for whom it concerns.  You aren’t truly a man until you can step outside of your fucking house and be yourself to the fullest extent, no exceptions whatsoever.  You can clown, roast, hurt, or laugh at any other homo walking down the street but trust me it does NOTHING to help your cause.  After all is said and done, you need to focus on YOUR life and YOUR drama without getting any innocent bystanders negatively involved.  And that’s all I have to say about this subject.  Grow the fuck up.  Peace.