The Music Industry Exposed

I believe that everything is biblical and that the music industry is the Devil, pure and simple. We shouldn’t be feeding into the Devil but we are. We have to stop. And if you just gotta get that new Nicki Minaj CD then download it, don’t waste your hard earned money on filth. God is testing you.


I feel a religious grip taking over my life for the good. I needed to remove the filth.

Hold It Inside Me

Oh my God, I am so proud of myself for this work of art. If you know the original song then sing-a-long with my lyrics (the music should start automatically):

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He Can’t Be Serious…

Yes, this is, where I have free reign and can say and do whatever the fuck I want. My own website. And you’re just a visitor with a traceable ip address. Pity. If you choose to hang on for the ride, then strap yourselves in and prepare to bust many premature nuts of anticipation… I will entertain you to the absolute fullest. Tell your mother, tell your friends, tell your motherfucking kids… I’m here and I’m rockin this motherfucker, I gotta bazooka for a dick, and I’m blowin shit the fuck up with my nasty motherfucking mouth. Let this entry serve as a disclaimer…

6 foot 7 foot

Music means a lot to me. I love Lil Wayne’s new song “6 Foot 7 Foot” so much I just had to write something about it.

I’m speeding just a little on Adderall, listening to this song, and rocking back and forth in my chair like a little toddler. It’s soooo good. Weezy is back with an undeniable hit. I hate when people say that he doesn’t have any talent… boy are they really missing some great shit.

I wanted to share one more thing with you before I log off. Call it a Word of Wisdom if you must but I believe that there is no key to happiness, the door is always open. You have the power to be happy, to make the absolute most out of everything you do, and to not take everything so seriously. Walking around all high-strung like a music box ballerina is no way to go through life but it is important to have direction (something that I need to take advice from for myself). I feel like a 21 year old mess who is having so much fun and spending too much time in the “now”, as opposed to pulling all that fun back a little in lieu for some priority.

Three things I’m excited for: 1. Britney’s music video for her new single 2. Natalie Portman taking home the Oscar for Black Swan 3. New GaGa


Let me tell you what happened last night. I am feeling just fine at the moment but last night was something else… My friend and I got drunk off of Four Loko and those little, convenient airplane bottles of Burnett’s Strawberry (tasted good). Then we traveled over to Upstairs Lounge and luckily snuck past the doorman (I’m 21 but my friend is only 20). Anywho, I love Upstairs Lounge. The atmosphere is always full of energy and happy people, people ready to dance and commiserate, no drama, real laid back and gay friendly. It’s a happy place with some great DJs and there’s a back room where you can almost always count on blunts and bowls being torched up and passed around. Devoid of any weed, I headed for the back room first and sure enough scored. My friend and I ended up buying this nice man a PBR in exchange for some hits from his bowl.

And jesus was that some premium fucking weed. I got so damn high and dizzy I didn’t know what to do. It was almost instantly too. I felt all drugged the fuck up and out of it like Natalie Portman in the club scene of “Black Swan”. My friend got anxious about the place because it was new to him and therefore we ended up prematurely leaving. On the car ride back home, the weed and the alcohol and the panicky energy of my friend all combined together and sickened me to the point where I threw up everywhere in his car. It just all hit me in such a nasty, unhealthy way. Geysers of brown, acidic, disgusting smelling Four Loko puke flying at the dashboard and glovebox as my poor friend panics some more, all while trying to hastily get us back to his place.

For the moment I was not a hot ass upchucking mess, I had a decent amount of fun. Meeting new people is something I live for. The battery on this laptop is getting very low and I’m just a little too lazy to get off my fat Victoria Secret wearing ass and charge it. So I will just end this entry by saying that I love everyone that actually takes the time out of their “busy” day to come by this website and read what I have to say. It makes me very happy to know that I have an audience out there, peering into my world in such a voyeuristic way. You are witnessing a sort of trainwreck and you love it. I will surely keep you updated with my fucking breathtaking stories. Have a great day.


I just got out of the hospital. Had the flu. And the food there sucked immensely. However I managed to be creatively productive: I jotted down topics that I can’t wait to discuss on here, I gathered some great ideas together, and I wrote a very violent song that I love. This song is dedicated to any and all white bitches (females) that just rub me the WRONG way. There is nothing more aggravating than a nasty white cracker bitch who has an attitude and bad teeth. Or those stuck up, preppy Abercrombie girls who aren’t even that attractive and should have been thrown in the stockroom where all the dust is instead. Ugh, just want to slap a hoe. Anywho, here is my song:

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First post of 2011. I don’t even know what I’m about to say, my brain’s still kinda calculating some shit up right now, so bear with me.

I made a new Twitter account today. I kind of miss it. Always clownin’ around on there, started shit with celebs like Nicki Minaj and Kirstie Alley just to get some shine. It seems like only a negative snarly comment will rouse them anyways, and I know just the thing to say. You should follow me. @MrPinkPanties. I tried to restore my last account but that option isn’t available, Shondreesa ate a damn bullet, and all types of shit happened. I didn’t get too crazy with the NYE partying but I was skiing with some straight people, having a joyous snow white time. :) )))))))))))))))) (someone should go halfsies on a ball with me, or just pay for it all).

Wendy’s has the most delicious 99 cent menu.

I love my gym membership. Omg. Yes, this is what I had been wanting to shed light on… almost forgot about it. I remember a time, back in the day, where I used to sneak looks at boys in the locker room during high school and shit. I didn’t come out until after all that high school petty drama. But I sure was nuttin to the thought of some of my straight classmates right when I came home from school off that school bus with my backpack swingin’ hard because this bitch was on a mission, face blowin in the wind tryna stop me from sinning it up. haha. I’m ridiculous… but it’s quite entertaining.

Anywho, nowadays I just DON’T GIVE A FUCK. You can find me up in that muthafucking gym cruising it the fuck out. Big swinging dicks everyone in a heat-filled room of men, sweat dripping off them balls, all that muscle and body, whew! burning up a sweat just writing it. I let them men know I’m watching them. To me it’s like Payback Time. Like… when I was young I always had to sneak looks so I wouldn’t get found out and sometimes being clandestine about it didn’t always work out to my advantage. I would turn my attention back to my locker because a boy is about to pass me, and then what do you know — you missed the money shot. the good part. ugh. BUT NOW…. hold up, wait a minute, let me put some gay into it. I got them scoped out, and they like it. A hot bitch like me could turn one of them things into a bathhouse lol. Let me stop. Oh wait… one more tiny tidibit:

Even though the video is out of control and Keri looks like she went Korean on us, I looooooooooove this song. Could you just picture me belting this up in the gym in the saunas and the showers. Thug me! Thug me! It’s the way you thug me. hahahaha. I crack myself up sometimes.

The last thing I’m going to say is that you really need to seek this movie. It is intoxicating, and it will have you thinking about it well beyond the curtain call. I really hope it takes home Best Picture – seems like a mild stretch but it is safe to say you won’t find a greater female performance in any other movie that came out last year. Go see it. <3

Think About It For A FUCKING Second

Animosity. Negativity. Drama. It’s all bad. It’s all unhealthy. Just like fast food. Yet we still succumb to it. And might I add that we succumb to it quicker than we succumb to HEALTHY food and positivity and rays of sunshine and all that GOOD STUFF? This world has seriously got shit ASS THE FUCK BACKWARDS. Jesus. Attacking someone or attempting to hurt someone is going to do absolutely fucking NOTHING to better yourself and your situation. ———- You tell people all these things and they hear it BUT FAIL TO LISTEN. In one ear, out the other. We’re never going to learn. There will never be world peace. The concept of “united we stand, divided we fall” means nothing to us. Obviously. We’re falling. Sucking ourselves into a black hole. The world is greedy, and everyone’s got a one-track mind. Seems like media is “trying” (and in a lot of cases, succeeding) to control us. Have you ever wondered why are there only like 10 music artists out these days? There’s Gaga, Rihanna, Drake, Nicki, Trey Songz, Justin Beiber, Usher, Black Eyed Peas, Kesha, and Eminem. All of them are controlled by the Illuminati… whose main propaganda is corruption. This is all evident to me. Every lyric these so-called “superstars” spit out is something along the lines of sex, alcohol, sin, sin, sin, drugs and more sex. Kim Kardashian’s hella famous because she got fucked on camera and has a lot of plastic surgery. Paris Hilton (who I will always love dearly) makes headlines because she smuggles coke in her pussy, hops out the limo with her pussy showing, pussy pussy pussy. I might be rambling but this has been on my mind for quite some time now. I believe the Devil is real, and he is taking over this world.

New Chapter In Life

I don’t really understand why people keep flocking to this website. I guess you all are bored and/or like to see me posted up in my motherfucking Vickisssssssss. I don’t know if I already shared this with you but I laugh to myself everytime I log into this site. It’s a hot mess… I guess that makes me a big big big one. But you’re tuned in (judging from the stats)… so I’m just going to keep on blabbing. This time it’s some good news: I’m finally embarking on a new chapter in my life. No longer will I get carried away in gay faggot ass politics and drama. I am going to lay low and DO ME. YESSSSSSSSIR. St. Louis is probably the most disgusting, grimy, murky, black-hearted spot on the Earth. Lately I have been ever so immersed in big saggy balls of drama but no more. It’s time to focus on TOP PRIORITIES ONLY. Repeat. Top priorities need apply only. I just realized that I am typing very quickly, and vivid descriptive words just keep pouring out of my little fucked up head by the millisecond. I have a lot to say. I guess that’s why I have my very own website… and you don’t. Expect to hear from me soon. I need a fucking job. Or a sugardaddy. Where the big ballers at? Ughhh… new location too!!! Yes please. Over and out.